Gabon Marine Conservation

Gabon Bleu is a presidential marine conservation initiative to manage Gabon's coastal and oceanic waters and create a marine protected area network. Gabon Bleu also aims to improve industrial and artisanal fisheries, offshore oil and gas, and maritime security. Gabon Bleu works with local and international NGOs like WCS and WWF. Examples of the intiative's achievements include:
1. New Fisheries and Aquaculture Agency (ANPA)
2. An Ocean Council (CNM)
3. New legislation to create fishing zones and better apply fisheries law.
4. Comprehensive marine zoning for sustainable management of marine resources
5. National control and management capacity
6. Two national observer programmes: one records catch and bycatch on tuna, shrimp, and trawler boats; the other records marine mammal observations on seismic vessels. These data are analysed along with company declarations to better characterise sector activity.
7. New fishing licences, boat registers, and monitoring are transforming the informal artisanal fishery sector. Artisanal communities have consulted about marine management zones. These zones are in the process of getting management plans.

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Gabon bleu is an ambitious government initiative to better conserve marine environments.