Panama Background

Panama is one of the countries developing the Central American Humpback Whale Conservation Management Plan. The main objective of the Central American humpback whale CMP isto conserve the CAHW population and its habitat through collaborative regional actions to reduce anthropogenic threats. The CMP aims to provide the range states with scientific evidence and management tools to implement actions for conserving the Central America-Mexico-USA population.

Panama Protected Areas

Panama assumed the “pro tempore” Presidency of the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor (CMAR) with the firm commitment that the four countries (Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica) will work together in a unified political effort, recognizing the urgent need to protect and restore the health of our ocean and to build a sustainable ocean economy.

Panama Protected Areas

Since 2005 Panama declared national waters a Panama Marine Corridor for Protection and Conservation from Marine Mammals areas; our recent National Ocean Policy proposes to turn our country into a model for the Latin American region where marine and coastal resources are protected, conserved, valued and used in a sustainable manner to positively impact the quality of life from our populations in an inclusive and participatory manner, with policies based on scientifical and technological management pillars that can be successful implemented within a legal framework that guarantees respect in

SC69B , IWC Scientific Committee meeting 2024

The SC69B, IWC Annual Scientific Committee Meeting   


Monday 22th April 2024 to Saturday 3th May 2023

The next Annual Meeting of the IWC Scientific Committee (SC69B) will take place in person, from 22 April – 3 May 2024, at the Hotel Rikli Balance, Bled, Slovenia. Monday 22 April will be dedicated to Plenary sessions and discussions on the Southern Ocean Sanctuary review. Sub-committees will meet from Tuesday 23 to Monday 29 April.

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Resolution 1999-13

Decisions Document Number
Long Title
Resolution on Canadian Membership to the IWC

WHEREAS Canada withdrew from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in 1982, stating “it no
longer has any direct interest in the whaling industry or in the related activities of the IWC”;

NOTING that Canadian representation has been limited to Observer Status at annual IWC meetings since then;
WHEREAS Canada issued its first license to take one bowhead whale in 1991 in the western Arctic from the
Bering-Chukchi-Beaufort bowhead whale stock and then has continued to issue such licenses on a regular

WHEREAS Canada issued its first license to take one bowhead whale in 1996 from the Hudson Bay-Foxe
Basin stock and one whale was landed;

WHEREAS the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board has again requested that the Government of Canada
authorize the landing of one bowhead whale from the Davis Strait/Baffin Bay stock;

Reaffirms its opposition to all whaling not conducted under the International Convention for the Regulation of
Whaling (ICRW);

Invites the Government of Canada to rejoin the IWC and, in the meantime, not to issue further licenses for any
whaling not conducted under the ICRW.


Resolution 1999-12

Decisions Document Number
Long Title
Resolution on Review of Observer Status

CONCERNED that the laws of some Contracting Governments have been violated by international
organisations having or seeking observer status in the IWC.

CONCERNED that some Contracting Governments of the IWC, in particular small developing countries, have
received threats of economic coercion and threats against individuals, due to the policies expressed in this

AWARE of the fragile nature of the economies in small developing countries making them particularly
vulnerable to threats of economic boycott.

WISHING to address the concerns voiced in a constructive and effective manner.
DECIDES that the Advisory Committee consider the following addition to the Rules of Procedure and report
to the 51
st Annual Meeting:
“The accreditation of an international organisation referred to in [Rule of Procedure] C.1.(b) would be subject
to immediate review and decision upon submission to the IWC by a Contracting Government of legal evidence
that such an organisation has violated the laws of the Contracting Government or has threatened any
individual; or upon submission of documentation that such an organisation has caused economic hardship to
the Contracting Government because of participation or views expressed in the IWC.”