Resolution 2011-1

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On improving the effectiveness of operations within the international whaling commission

Resolution 2011-1
RECALLING Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration that calls upon States inter alia to facilitate and encourage public
awareness and participation by making information widely available;

AWARE of the importance of transparency in international law;
FURTHER RECALLING the adoption at its 53rd Annual Meeting of Resolution 2001-1 on transparency within the
International Whaling Commission (IWC);

AWARE that since then, international law and practice relating to transparency and participation in international
decision-making have continued to develop, with the coming into force of relevant conventions at the global and
regional level;

RECOGNISING the good practice that has developed under the rules of procedure, financial rules and working
methods and in the effective operation of the Conferences or Meetings of Parties under multilateral agreements on
matters of inter alia reporting of proceedings, participation of observers and good financial governance;

CONSIDERING effectiveness in the operations of the Commission continues to be of vital importance in maintaining
the authority and legitimacy which the Commission needs to fulfil its mandate;

FURTHER CONSIDERING that there are a number of areas where the operations of the Commission could benefit
from enhanced transparency, including relations between the Commission and its members, procedures for reaching,
recording and announcing decisions, and procurement of scientific advice;

BELIEVING that effectiveness can be enhanced in these areas without placing undue administrative burdens on
member governments, the Secretariat, or committees of the Commission;

RECOGNISING that the Commission's Scientific Committee regularly reviews its own procedures with a view to
improving its effectiveness; and

MINDFUL of the need for the Commission to consider the procedures applying under other international agreements
for providing assistance for the participation in international conferences or meetings of delegates, given article III.5 of
the International Convention on the Regulation of Whaling (“the Convention”);

RESOLVES that Commission procedures should be brought into line with current international good practice so as to
improve the effectiveness of the operations of the organisation;

ADOPTS the amendments to the Rules of Procedure and the Financial Regulations contained in the Annex to this

REQUESTS the Secretary to report 100 days before the 64th Annual Meeting of the Commission on potential options
for providing assistance to member governments with limited means to participate actively in the Commission’s work,
while retaining consistency with the Convention;

REQUESTS the Scientific Committee to continue its practice of reviewing its operations and Rules of Procedure with a
view to enhancing the effectiveness of its operations;

REQUESTS the Secretary to convene a working group of Contracting Governments and observers immediately prior
to IWC64 to consider the role of observers at meetings of the Commission based on experience gained in that regard at

RESOLVES to include the effectiveness of the operations of the IWC as a regular item or sub-item on the
Commission’s agenda, to ensure that the Commission’s rules and procedures are kept up to date in line with
international good practice, and to address any specific problems or issues arising in the operation of the Commission.