NZ Reporting

The Department of Conservation (DOC), often in association with local Maori, has the statutory responsibility for managing cetacean stranding events, and maintains a comprehensive coverage of the New Zealand coastline through its area offices, field centres and local networks.

Brazil cetacean conservation

The National Stranding Network coordinated by ICMBio has been working along the Brazilian coast to evaluate cetacean stranding rates and cumulative effects of anthropogenic activities on these animals. A national database was developed to store the collected information providing the possibility to integrate data (in terms of space and time) and improve the evaluation of threats, as well as support both conservation planning and management actions.

Brazil cetacean conservation

Since 2016 several national research projects promoting research and conservation of franciscana dolphins have been supported by Brazil, mostly through a Federal-funding program managed by Fundo Nacional do Meio Ambiente (FUNBIO). These projects are underway in three areas known as Franciscana Management Areas (FMAs Ia, Ib, and III).